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Flag is committed to industry leading carpet and furniture cleaning services. Through the use of state of the art technology and our highly qualified friendly staff, it is our priority to insure your 100% satisfaction....Guaranteed!  When looking for a carpet cleaning company, best-case scenario is recommendation. Flag Carpet is very proud of its reputation and percentage of work attributed to referrals.

From the initial phone call made to Flag to the actual arrival of our qualified technicians,  Flag's pledge is to make your experience extremely positive. The moment we enter your home we will  address the reasons for your appointment. We will discuss which stains might not cleanup making sure that if we are there to try and remove particular stains we will address them first and in most cases they will either lighten or will be completely gone when we are done with our cleaning.

Remember our prices include everything to get the carpet clean so if we have to work on multiple stains the price  DOES NOT CHANGE! Most of the furniture is moved in every room we do, remember we send at least two men so we can move most of the furniture carefully.

Please let us know to the best of your ability the condition of the carpets we are coming to clean when making arrangements for your appointment as it helps us determine the best method for your particular carpets. All of our cleaning technicians have been here for years, however some are better at certain phases of carpet cleaning then others. The more information we have before arrival, the greater the chance of total satisfaction.

Oriental, Wool, And Silk Carpet Cleaning

Because oriental carpets deserve special attention in most cases, Flag Carpet has done its homework and more than 10 years ago, altered their cleaning process to compliment these rugs. Special products and tools along with special training and experience are the reason why oriental rugs have become a major reason for Flag Carpets growth and success.

Our Cleaning Process

Pre-inspection to determine rug quality and overall condition
Power vacuuming to get out the loose soil 
Dye testing to determine the color fastness
Pre-treatment for spot removal
Cleaning and rinsing using powerful truck mount cleaning equipment

Pet stains and odor removal

There is NO miracle chemical that will remove urine odor from the padding and or sub-flooring by a surface cleaning and application of an odor removing chemical. However, with the proper product and technique, you can drastically improve the situation, often to the customers complete satisfaction.Flag employs several products ( enzymes, pairing and citrus based odor counteractants, and anti-microbials ) to help neutralize the odor.

Certain conditions and qualities of carpets are best approached by certain cleaning systems.

Truck Mount  Steam Cleaning : Hot water and liquid detergents are used in combination under high pressure which forces fibers to release and loosen up the soil and particles in your carpet. Very effective on spots and heavily soiled carpet.
Host Dry Cleaning: A combination of dry cleaning powders and solvents used to break down and absorb soil and residue without excessive moisture. Very safe and effective on expensive wool and oriental carpet.     
Double Process: This system combines products and tools from both dry and steam cleaning procedures. This combination is used for situations which call for extra treatment for heavily soiled carpets.

Services include:

Convenient scheduling Mon-Sat year round
Minimum two man crews
Most furniture moved and carpets or upholstery cleaned thoroughly
Price includes everything with the exception of special deodorizer (usually necessary to help get rid of animal odors ) and carpet and furniture protection
Ten day guarantee ( If your not 100% happy we will come back and re clean within 10 days )
One year warrantee ( spot cleaning done on any rooms or furniture we cleaned within 1 year of cleaning at just $25 to cover
travel cost )

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